Lemon tart with seasonal fruits

I am comming back! Not really, because I have not gone anywhere šŸ™‚ but I wish that I will appease you with a bit of sweetenes

uh! I am back! I know, I know it was a wile, but I had so much work to do, that I neglected you. No, no I have not stopped cooking, nither saving them. I still do that, so be prepared for another series of new recipies, because I have a lot of them so far. Today I am comming back with wonderful lemon tart perfect for Fathers Day! I will not tell any more, but you can find all newest dishes on my Instagram (veggetoncom), there is always everyting updated! Those who are following me, know that I am still alive and I am still cooking. Although I have to admit that, because of all those hot days I eat only fruits such as half of watermelon for breakfast :3




1 1/2 cup wheat flour

1/3 cup oil

1/3 cupĀ water

2 – 3 tbsp maple syrup

3 tbsp grounded flax meal


1 cup cooked millet

3/4 cupĀ plant milk

1/4 cup xylitolu or brown sugar

1/2 squeezed lemon

1 lemon grated skin

1 – 2 tbsp oil

to decorate:

strawberries, raspberries,Ā mint leave


  1. Ā In big bowl combine flour and grounded flax meal. In cup combine oil, water and syrup. Pour cup content into bowl. Knead the batter. If needed add some more flour or water. Batter should be flexible. Grate it on grated and place in form. Knead into the form. Do some whole with fork.
  2. Bake 20 minutes in previously heated oven on 180*C.
  3. When tart is baking, blend all ingredients for filling.
  4. Pour blended filling into cooled tart. Let it cool down. Decorate with seasonal fruits such as raspberries, strawberries and mint leaves.

Banana smoothie with peanut butter

They easiest way to make a smoothie and so tasty. No more than three ingredients and it will always win your hart.

Ahh.. fruit smoothies as always the best. Lately, I have been eating sweets and I think that this smoothie finally filled my temptation. It is super sweet because of bananas and even more energetic because of nuts! I recommend to anyone who is difficult to satisfy your appetite. This smoothie for sure will give you a lot of energy and fill you up for a couple of hours. Do not forget that it is naturally gluten free.Ā šŸ™‚



( 1 large portion or 2 small onesĀ Ā )

3 largeĀ banana

1 cup plant milk

3 tbsps peanut butter



  1. Peel bananas and place them in blender container with peanut butter and plant milk.

serve with goji berries

The best homemade nutella

Full of hazelnuts real and the best homemade nutella which you can make by yourself at home. 

I was making many differen chocolate spreads:

Honestly usually they were made on the go, when I actually needed any chocolate spread. Of course all of them were deliciously chocolate, but none of them was like nutella. The true is that I do not want to copy nutella, because that is not the point. Nutella is not the healthiest product, but hazenutsts win this game! Thankfully to them ( if not their aroma ) nutella has this nutty taste. This is why my homemade nutella is the best of the bests. It is full of nuts, but has to be made calmly and slowly. Do not skip any ingredient, what is more do not substitute any one of them.

_MG_0167 _MG_0169


( 500 ml )


200 gram hazelnuts

3 tbsp cacao

3 tbsp agave syrup or maple syrup

1 / 2 ā€“ 1 / 3 cup plant milk


  1. Roast nuts on dry pan, stir from time to time. Roast till they are browned and skin is tearing apart. Roasted place in kitchen clove and squize and oppres to remove the skin.
  2. Ready nuts place in blender container and blend to crush them. Than add cacao, syrup and milk. Adjust amount of milk to your preferable consistency.
  3. Blend on small turnover till is smooth. If needed add a bit more milk.

reay spread transfer to jar and serve with bread or buns, crepes or pancakes

Chocolate – peanut butter smoothie

Those who are running catch delisious smoothie made from bananas, peanut butter and cocoa. Be careful it gives lots of energy!

Ohhh It has been long time since I have posted any smoothie recipe while I do them everyday for lunch! Everyone love cocoa and peanut butter blends, so I have to share this recipe here! What is more this is great idea for a lunch for those who are leaving home very fast. Banana and peanut butter give you a kick + few nice microelements and witamins from group B.

It is very easy to make. Tastes the best with home made milk for example coconut and peanut butter. I will write about this second one soon. It is also super easy to prepare, but sometimes needs patience šŸ˜‰



( 1 portion)


2 bananas

3/4 cup plant milk

1 tbsp cacao

1 heaping tbsp peanut butter



  1. Peel bananas and place them in blender container with cacao, peanut butter and milk. Blend around 1 minutes till is smooth.
  2. Pour into the cups or bidon.

Decadent vegan truffles

With deep chocolate taste, full of proteins, easy peasy and quick to prepare vegan truffles.

I am sure that all of you, just like me has that blues from time to time. In this mood I have no idea what should I do with myself, either cook anything or eat. No idea for everything. I would just lay on the sofa in front of tv. I have this state, but it happen sometimes and what than? This time truffles for the rescue! That what has happened. It is freezing, snow is everywhere and I am like I previously laying on the sofa in front of TV, and.. I see truffles! baam, one step forward, now I know what I want to do. Hoop to the kitchen and let’s do it. Not longer than fifteen minutes and balls are ready. Obviously I could not eat them all, because of thier deeply chocolate taste. One was enough to get huge butt kick full of positive energy. ..and I have to admit, that I even went running with mine dog šŸ™‚

Truffles are also good idea for a snack before or after gym / trenning. It works on small picnincs / friends meetings. What is more I am sure that anyone who would get box full of vegan truffles would be rapt šŸ™‚ Valentines day is comming so let’s make boxes full of healthy sweets!

_MG_0121 _MG_0122



1 cup dried white bean

2 tbsp cacao + for coat

4 tbsp xylitolu

4 handfuls chopped almonds + for coat

1 dark chocolate bar (I used VIVANI organic)



info: soak beans overnight

  1. Soaked bean strain and pour with fresh water, cook till is soften.
  2. Strain cooked bean. Grate chocolate on grater and add to beans with cacao and xylitol. Blend while is warm.
  3. On dry pan roast almonds than chop them. 4 handfuls add to chocolate mass, stir it well. Rest or chopped almonds set aside.
  4. From ready mass form balls and coat in cocoa powder or previously chopped almonds.

set aside for 1 hour to harden or place in fridge for 15 – 30 min

Pumpkin pancakes for autumn breakfast

I will not say how it tastes, I have no idea how to describe it. You just need to check it yourself. Just pumpkin, cinnamon and white buckwheat.

White buckwheat continuation. Fro pancakes and omlettes I am in love with buckwheat. It is my no. 1. Usually most of us would make pancakes from wheat flour, but I bravely admit that IĀ changed it for white buckwheat, is much moreĀ healthier! You can make almost everything from it. Berries pancakes with carob, omlette with banana and simple with millet. It is September, so It is season for pumpkin, than its October, so we gonna have Halloween, pumpkin, pumpkin and more pumpkin. This time I replaced banana with pumpkin. How it tastes? hmm.. for me it was delish! but I have no idea why? while I was eating it I was thinking about cottage cheese dumplings.. bur it is only mine opinion. You need to taste it and check yourself, if you gonna like it that try it for autumn breakfast. In fact till 31 October is long time, but for Halloween it is really good idea. šŸ™‚



( aroundĀ 6 ā€“ 7 thickĀ pancakesĀ )

1 / 2 cup white buckwheat, dry

4 tsp thick pumpkin puree

1 ā€“ 2 tsp cinnamon

50 ml plant milk



info: soak buckwheat overnight

1. In the morning strain buckwheat and wash it under running water.

2. Place buckwheat in blender container with pumpkin puree, cinnamon and plant milk.

3. On heated pan* place batter and gently with a spoon form pancakes. Fry both sided, each one around 3 minutes.

serve them withĀ soy natural yogurt SojadeĀ and sprinkle with cinnamon


* pan should by mineral, so you do not need oil for frying, and pancakes will not burn.

The easiest gluten-free buckwheat omlette

The easiest buckwheat omelette on the whole world. Thick and spongy with sweet chocolate taste. You just need white buckwheat and banana.

White buckwheat is the healthiest groat. I used to eat roasted buckwheat and I never thought to try another one. It was just too good to think about anything else. For the first look I would say that it is a grain, but its not! Buckwheat is a fruit of white – light pink flower of buckwheat. More interesting is that it protein is better assimilate than that one from grains. It all happends because buckwheat contains lisyneĀ and tryptophan. These are amino acids which we can not produce by ourselves and we need them to produce proteins. I heard that we are getting sick because our bodies areĀ acidified, in this case buckwheat is perfect solition, because it hasĀ alkaline pH plus is gluten free. Now is the question. Why is healthier than roasted one? Because roasted one loose its vitamins,Ā make worse proteins and gets lots of toxins.

I found itsĀ out some time ago and I really like to eat it for breakfast. It is good alternative for usual pancakes. I made of it three ingredients gluten free pancakes. With millet it makes master breakfast, super healthy meal. Either millet and buckwheat are gluten free and alkaine. I also done pancakes with carob and blackberrries.

_MG_0436 _MG_0433


( 1 omlet )


1 / 2 cup white buckwheat, dry

1 banana

1 tspĀ carobu

1 / 2 tspĀ cinamonu

1 / 4 cup plant milkĀ ( optional )

extras: raspberries, blackberries, blueberries




info: soak buckwheat overnight

1. Strain buckwheat and rinse under running water. Place in blender container with banana, carob and cinnamon. Blend till is smooth mass. For loose consistency add a bit of plant milk. If you add extra fruits do not add milk.

  • if you make omlette with extras, to blended mass add your fruits ( 10 tbsp blackberries ). Fry just on one side 7 minutes.

2. Heat pan* Ā and spread on in omlette batter. Fry it without oil on low heat, till it become mat on the top, around 4 – 5 minutes. Than flip on anothe side, fry another 3 – 4 minutes.

Serve with Ā natural soy yoghurt VALSOIAĀ and fresh blackberries.

* pan should be mineral, so you do not need oil to fry and batter will not stick or burn.

Three ingredients gluten-free pancakes

Gluten-free pancakes with nutty buckwheat taste. Is easy to pour loose batter on the pan, so pancakes are thin and perfectly round.

Since nursery, I have this super obsessions on one meal. When something taste super good I can eat it over and over. Lately, I have been eating all the time sweet buckwheat pancakes every morning. I have to recommend this recipe, because is just genius. I found it onĀ mynewroots.Ā Luckily I did not have to cook millet, because I had some leftover from day before. Perfectly two thirds of cup. Batter was almost like for crepes. It is perfectly spreading itself on the pan and they are perfectly round and super thin.

I also made just buckwheat pancakes, where batter wast thick and I had to spread it on pan with a spoon, as good as todays ones. Of course each oh them was fried oil free on low heat.

_MG_0058 _MG_0052 _MG_0055


( aroundĀ 12 pancakesĀ )


1 / 2 cup white buckwheat, dry

2 / 3 cup millet, cooked and cooled

1 cup plant milk

1 tbspĀ carob, cinnamon, cacao, young barley, spirulina ( optionalĀ )



info: soak buckwheat overnightĀ 

1. In the morning strain buckwheat on strainer and wash it well with clean water. Place in blender container with millet, milk and ( optional ) carob. Blend it till is smooth.

2. Heat the pan, than low the heath. Pour two spoons of the batter on one pancakes. Fry oil-free ( or on small amount ) on low eath both sides. When sides are golden brown flip side.

Ready pancakes place on plate, pour with blended bannana with 1 tsp cinnamon, soy yogurt or maple syrup. Serce with nuts and seasonal fruits.

Buckwheat pancakes with berries and carob

Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes. My little sweet memories from childhood. Favorite idea for Saturday healthy breakfast without flour. Thick batter, which is spreaded on the pan with a spoon.

When I think about breakfast the first thought is three meals. Crepes! Porridge’s, lots of different porridge’s and pancakes. I always looked for oil free crepes, same story with pancakes. What is with this oil free frying? Lately, its became very famous. I found two opinions. One of them says that instead of frying we should say roasting. If you fry without oil you just burn your food and pan. On the other hand its all depends of pan. If you have solid pan with good coat, which you can not scratch with scraper. In the end we will not eat all this toxic substances and food will not contain fats. …and which one I should believe in? Personally, I think that little bit of oil will not hurt us. However sometimes I have huge craving when I can eat the same thing over and over. In this case I choose to buy good pan and practice oil free frying.

_MG_9867 _MG_9875 _MG_9873 ļæ¼


( 5 pancakesĀ )


1 / 2 szklankiĀ white buckwheat

1 / 2 cup dates

1 cup blueberries

1 / 4 cup oats, grounded ( oat flour ) or 1 tbsp grounded flax seeds

1 / 4 cup plant milk

1 tsp carob

pinch of baking soda



info: soak dates and buckwheat overnight.

1. In the morning strain buckwheat on strainer and wash it well. Also strain dates and toss to blender container with buckwheat, carob, oats, plant milk and baking soda. Blend it.

2. Pour batter into the pot, than add berries. Stir it gently.

3. Heat pan. Fry it on non stick pan without oil ( or on 1 tsp ). One big table spoon for one pancake. Spread the batter on the pan with a spoon. Fry on each side 3Ā minutes. If oil-free, heat pan than fry it on lowĀ heat.

placeĀ pancakes on themselves, pour with natural soy yogurt VALSOIA, place sliced in half dried figs, toss some almonds and gold raisins

Vegan carob cheese cake with raspberry jelly ( no bake )

Sweet raspberries jelly with pinch of sugar, but rest is sweetened with dates. No bake, it makes itself in fridge.

Summer equal lots of fruits, lots of berries. Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries. From each one you can make delishious vegan cheese cake. There is strawberries in chocolate, but I have raspberries in carob. To be honest I make it for a reason. I wanted to have ready breakfast for next few days. Surprisingly, today is Vegan Cake Day, so taa daa I present one of my first vegan cheese cake. Carob cheese cake with raspberries. It is more delicate than sesame – orange cheese cake.

_MG_9809_MG_9832 _MG_9813 _MG_9822


( round formĀ 16 cm )




1 / 2 cup dates

3 / 4 cup almondsĀ migdaÅ‚Ć³w

1 / 3 cup oats


carob layer:


250 gram tofu

250 ml plant milk

1 / 2 cup dates

juice squeezed from 1 lime

3 tbsp carob

1 / 3 cup walnuts

2 tspĀ agar


jelly with raspberries:


1 cup water

1 / 2 cup raspberries

1 tbsp brown sugar

1 tspĀ agar





info: Ā soak 1 cup of dates for 1 hourĀ 


1. Strain dates and place 1 / 2 of them in blender container with oats and almonds. Blend it, than place on the bottom of round form. Place in the fridge.


carob layer:

1. Another half of soaked dates place in blender container with tofu, plant milk, carob, juice from lime and walnuts. Blend it well. I have to be blendedĀ well.

2. Pour content of blender container to the pot. Add agar and bring to boil, boit for 1 – 2 minutes. Constantly stirring. Than remove from the heat.

3. From the fridge remove form with ready bottom and pour on it tofu – carob batter. Gently form top of it. Let it cool down, than place in fridge for another 3 hours.


raspberries jelly:

1. In blender blend 1 / 2 cup of raspberries with water. Pour it to the pot, add agar and bring it to boil. Boil for 1 – 2 minutes. Constantly stirring. Pour it into the bowl / cup throughĀ strainer, to strain pits. Let it cool down a bit, stir from time to time to check if is not to thick.

2. After 3 hours remove from the fridge ready cheese cake. Pour on it slightly cooled down jelly, than place on it as much as you want raspberries. Let it to cold down, than leave it in fridge overnight.