The healthiest pancakes on the world + carob cream ( homemade ‘ nutella ‘ )

Fried with no oil! Thick and filling pancakes with berries and banana. Greased with tasty carob – nut cream made of dates.

In this kind of weather it is impossible to eat unhealthy. You just have to put all possible veggies and fruits on your plate. Today I am testing one the first few breakfast / dinner Jeannas Hever recipes. It means that I have just finished reading “The complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition” book. The same like on the beggining I still think the same. I recommend it to all of you who take care for your health and also want to loose few kilograms. I can tel that it is written a very accessibly language. It describes nutrition during pregnancy and athletes nutrition. You can also find there how to survive during the holidays, but also how to feed your children from the first. First chapters are about biology, in which you can find many information about the most valuable products of micro and macro ingredients and how they affect our bodies.

It is the only one pancakes which I can handle. Yes, I have no idea how to fry. I am huge fan of the oven, but sometimes need some diversify. It is one and only recipe for pancakes which I can made from a long time. Instead of berries you can add anything you want.

Other examples for healthy pancakes : 

  • young barley
  • carob or cacao
  • finely diced fruits or blended fruits
  • roasted and chopped nuts or peanut butter
  • tahini




( 4 small ones or 2 big ones )




1 medium banana + 1 for decoration

1 cup oat or wheat flour

2 tsp baking powder ( without aluminum )

1 tbsp dates juice or pure maple / dates syrup

1 cup frozen or fresh berries fruits

1 / 4 cup plant milk


carob cream:


1 cup dates


1 / 3 cup walnuts or hazelnuts ( 35 g )

1 tsp carob powder ( optional: cacao )



carob cream:

1. Place in tall jug dates, pour them with water and leave for 1 – 2 hours.

2. After this time, remove 1 / 3 cup of water. Keep it in jar as date juice. Storage in frodge no longer than 5 days.

3. To the jug add nuts and carob. Blend it well till is smooth mass. Transfer to medium jar and storage in the fridge.



note: to make oat flour just blend it or grind it in coffee grinder

1. Smash banana in bowl, than add milk, baking powder, date syrup and flour. Mix it well and in the end add berries. Mix again.

2. Heat pan on medium heat. Add 1 / 2 of the batter. Fry 4 minutes covered. Than flip it with the spatula and fry another 4 minutes.

3. Ready crepe transfer on the plate, grease with the carob cream and decorate with sliced banana. Serve with favorite seasonal fruits and fresh mint.