Two ideas for homemade tortillas

_MG_9138Beetroot greens and watermelon tortillas with garlic ginger sauce

Light and refreshing tortillas with beetroot greens and water melon. Poured with garlic – ginger sauce.

It last in there ages and nobody wants to use it. I am talknig about beetroot greens. I did not have craving for beets, but for tortillas. I am trying to make it from past few months. Firstly I was fighting with gluten free tortilla and I end up with wheat one. Well, for me it is easier. After my success with chapati, I am brave enough to make tortillas. I found this recipe on Vegazone blog. I did it, but I did not thing about filling. It was ready on the table, but I was without idea. I opened fridge and I stopped for a while what I want to eat. On the first plan was watermelon, but watermelon with tortilla, for dinner! Fine, nobody did not want to use beetroots greens, so I used it. Watermelon, beetroot greens plus some seeds, a bit of peas from previous day. For a contrast to sweet taste I used big chive. Ready! This tortillas are really fast and easy to make by yourself and you do not have to buy ready ones full of E.

As my craving was bigger and bigger everyday I was making tortillas. It is flexible and super tasty. I made them too much. I have used all flour so for the next time I had to use whole wheat flour. I thought that it will be genius idea. In the meantime, while I was kneading I realized that it absorb a lot more water then usual flour, so I added more. Effect was amazing. The most healthy whole wheat tortillas on the world! I made them few days after beetroot greens filling, so this time I had to thing about something else. Luckily I had carob cream, so I had no problem. Sweet way quesadilla, similar to crepes.

To sum up, I am proud of my whole wheat tortilla. It is brown, whole wheat and super flexible. You want wrap anything you want. Veggies and fruits add hummus or any paste and lunch for work or school is ready!

The most important is to fry it as short as possible, so they will be very flexible. The longer you fry it, the stiffer they become.






( around 10 tortillas )


2 cup wheat flour

2 tbsp olive oil

160 ml water

pinch of salt




1 bunch beetroot greens without beetroots

1 big chive with spring onion

1 / 4 cup pumpkin seeds

1 / 4 cup sunflower seeds

1 huge slice of watermelon

1 / 2 cup cooked peas




1 tsp miso

1 tsp sesame

1 tbsp thick balsamic vinegar

2 tsp juice squeezed form lemon

1 garlic clove

small slice of ginger






1. In big bowl place flour. In cup combine salt, water and olive oil. Constantly stirring flour add gradually water. Then knead the batter for 10 minutes. It supposed to be like plasticine. It should not stick to hands and bowl. Leave for 30 minutes to rest.

2. After this time knead it for another 5 minutes. Than divide on 10 equal pieces, place in bowl and cover with kitchen cloth.

3. Spread some flour on chopping board. From the bowl take one piece and form bowl, that flatten it a bit. Roll it out as thin as possible.

info: if you do not want to do them all, before frying wrap it in cling film and put in fridge. On the bottom you can read how to wrap it.

4.Ready tortilla place on previously heated plan on medium heath, fry on dry pan for 20 – 30 seconds. Fry as short as possible. You can not fry it too long, because they will be stiff like nachos.

5. Ready tortilla place on the place and cover with cloth.



1. Wash beetroot green, than chop it finely. Add to the bowl with boiled peas, chopped in cube watermelon and chive.

2. On dry pan roast seeds and add to the bowl. Stir it delicately.



1. In small glass combine miso, sesame, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice.

2. Peen ginger and garlic and chop it finely, add to the glass. Leave it in fridge for 30 minutes. If sauce is too thick add a bit of water.

Fill tortillas with filling (place it in the middle), pour with sauce and wrap, additionally pour after wrapping.


Sweet quesadilla ( with carobella and banana )

Super flexible and whole wheat tortillas with carobella, means vegan nutella with carob. Usually made on dates, but this one on sweet potatoes. It is pefect supper for me, but you can also serve it as lunch.

Most of important thing I wrote above and I have no more words. It is just too good. At the same time is really light, that I just wana scream aahhh! I deferentially recommend everyone to make this whole grain ones, they are billion times better than usual ones!

Just to remind! Fry it as short as possible. They have to get some brown color and straight away change side. If it burns, it will not be flexible. Do not worry, first time is always the worse one, every next one is better. Burned ones can be eaten with pastas, hummus or dip as nachos. I needed time to become, better, but finally I have done perfect ones.

Ah! I almost forgot! For those who do not like to knead batter every day and eat all of the at the same time. If batter is kneaded, divided and rolled out for very thin tortillas, just place it on one layer of cling film and cover with another one. Than place on it another tortillas and cover with third layer of cling film ( it reminds me harmonica ). Do it with all tortillas you want to store. Store it for more less 3 days in fridge. If you want to prepare it, just remove one layer of cling film and fry tortilla on heated pan. Rest of tortillas can be stored in fridge.

_MG_9188 _MG_9179_MG_9177_MG_9184




( around 10 tortillas )


2 1 / 3 whole wheat flour

2 tbsp olive oil

160 ml water

pinch of salt


 carobella :

(1 jar )


1 bug sweet potato

1 tbsp carob

1 cup walnuts

1 big banana





1. In big place flour and in cup combine water, salt and olive oil. Constantly stirring flour add gradually water. Than knead the batter for around 10 minutes. It suppose to be like plasticine. It should not stay on hands or bowl. Leave covered for around 30 minutes.

2. After this time knead it again for 5 minutes. Than divide for 10 equal pieces and place in the bowl, cover.

3. Chopping or pastry board spread with batter. Take one piece from bowl and form ball, that flatten it a bit. Roll it out as thin as possible.

info: if you do not want to eat them all, before frying wrap them in cling film and place in fridge.

4. Ready tortilla place on previously heated pan on medium heath, fry it 20 – 30 seconds on each side. Fry as short as possible. Do not fry too long, otherwise it will be stiff like nachos.

5. Ready tortilla place on place and cover with kitchen cloth.


1. Peel and chop sweet potatoes. Steam it.

2. Ready potato place in bowl or pot, add nuts and carob. Blend it till is smooth mass.

Smear tortillas with carobella just like crepes and on one half place banana slices, fold in half and place on plate. You can pour it with maple syrup and serve with seasonal fruits.