Vegan doughnuts

Do not be scared of donuts and do them by yourself and you will never ever buy them again. Before you start go and buy rose jam!

For the first time I have made them few weeks ago. I had no idea how to start. I was thinking that they are difficult to prepare. In fact there were easy, because it is just yeast cake! The most important thing is to spume yeast very well. For that you need lot of warmth and sugar. It must be sugar, not xylitol. Xylitol is alkaline, so yeast will not start. How to give enough warmth? I have genius solution for that, which I got from my dad. You just need to place bowl in warm oven and just see it IMG_0225 IMG_0231 IMG_0234 (2) IMG_0237 (2)




2 tbsp plant milk

1 tsp wheat flour

1  tbsp brown sugar

50 gram fresh yeast



500 gram wheat flour ( type 650 )

3/4 cup plant milk

1 / 3 cup oil

2 tbsp brown sugar

1 tsnp spirit

rose jam

1/2 liter oil for frying



  1. Yeast and milk must be in room temperature. In small bowl combine all ingredients for elaven. Place bowl in oven and set it on 30*C. When oven reaches this temperature turn it off, but leave bowl inside. When it starts to spume and reaches sides of bowl take it out.


  1. Im big bowl combine flour and brown sugar, than add spumed yeast and warm milk and oil. Knead the batter well. It have to be elastic and do not stick to hands eighter bowl sides.  Than add spirit, keep kneading, than oil your hands and knead again for another few minutes. Ready batter place in bowl, cover with kitchen cloth and set aside for another 1 1/2 hour to rise.
  2. Sprinkle chopping board and roll batter on it. It should be 1 cm thick. Than place jam on one half of batter, than cover with first half. In places where is jam knead cicrcles around than cut it out with a glass. Place them in safe, cover with kitchen cloth and let it rise.
  3. Place 1/2 liter of oil in pot. Fry on hot oil. Before frying try little bit of batter if is fizzling than oil is ready. Fry 1 – 2 doughnut at once. Fry till is browned than pick with a strainer and place on kitchen towel.

ready doughnuts sprinkle with sugar powder ( I grounded ksylitol 😛 )